The latex balloon, a natural choice

Gemar balloons are manufactured using responsibly sourced sustainable natural rubber latex that biodegrades at roughly the same rate as an oak leaf. A natural polymer that is not modified and preserved throughout Gemar’s manufacturing processes. Natural rubber latex is the tree sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree, a liquid form that resembles milk. The latex is tapped in the same way that maple syrup is from maple trees. Gemar feels it is important the public understands that balloons do not contribute to the plastic waste problem the world is currently facing and we support any measures to protect our planet from further damage.

Pop it and bin it

Gemar does not recommend balloon releases because what goes up must come down. Despite the sustainability of the balloon materials, litter of any kind is unsightly and potentially dangerous to wildlife. We recommend that all balloons are popped and binned after use. Our motto is “Don’t let go”.