Through the Accademia del Palloncino Italiano, we offer training and activities as part of its programme to preserve and spread the art of decoration using Italian balloons.

Our philosophy

  • To promote and transfer knowledge of balloon art
  • To defend and protect the Italian balloon against counterfeiting
  • To promote Gemar balloons using our Italian heritage
  • To develop and sustain the profession of balloon art by investing in the artistic talent and expertise of master decorators
  • To carry out research and development of new techniques, products and applications within the sphere of balloon art and decoration.

This non-profit organisation is the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to approach balloon art professionally and seriously, offering new ideas and original concepts.

It is harnessing the growing demand for balloons as decoration, with brightly coloured balloon-creations paired with impeccable design.

"Accademia" uses different channels of distribution, including the YouTube channel where it collects all video tutorials. The videos are published in the special website. They are divided by category and easily identifiable.