Discover what is taking off in the world of Balloonista. We are constantly working on new and innovative ways to teach our community to lift the moment with balloon art and when we find something new we share it with you. Our step by step video instructions make the process accessible to everyone. Find out here what to expect next from Balloonista, stay current and stay fresh.

Bouquet of Love #011

Nothing says I love you like a beautiful bouquet but don't copy everyone else, your bouquet doesn't have to be made with flowers. This year, our Balloonista community will be able to show their sweet Valentine's how much they love them with a unique balloon bouquet of love. Here at Gemar, we believe in embracing traditional but transforming it into something new. This sculpture is a perfect example of this. Look out for this beautiful bouquet instructions and tutorial video so you can lift the moment this Valentine's Day and your love can bloom.

Tree of Love #010

Love isn’t just about that first rush when you fall for the first time. Love is patience, love is tolerance, love is resilient. True love is more than passion, it grows with time, as the years go by the roots go deeper and it blossoms. The best of love isn’t found within its seedling days but once it has stood the test of time and come into bloom.

Those in our Balloonista community will get the perfect opportunity to share this powerful message with their loved one this Valentines Day. Coming soon we have The Tree of Love, with full step-by-step instructions and video tutorial so you can lift the moment in a beautifully unique way this year.

Heart of Valentine's Day #009

Here at Gemar, we are in love with the idea of celebrating love. As an Italian company, romance is in our blood and we embrace the opportunity to show appreciation to the people that we care about. Valentines Day gives us incredible inspiration to push our creative boundaries and all those in the Balloonista community should be equally excited. Our ‘Heart of Valentines Day’ design is accompanied with step-by-step instructions and tutorial video. Those who want to learn how to lift the moment significantly this February will have the perfect opportunity with Gemar.

2019 New Year Bouquet #008

New Year celebrations should always be extraordinary. Despite the occasion coming once a year, every event is different because it celebrates a different point in time. With your nearest and dearest you reflect on the last year and look in hope towards the next. We have the perfect, decadent balloon art bouquet coming soon for our Balloonista community so that they can truly lift the moment in style, as the clock strikes midnight and we begin 2019.

2019 New Year Bottle #007

It's hard to believe that we are about to say goodbye to 2018 but as we reflect on the year gone by it's also time to prepare for the celebrations to bring in the next. Nothing says New Year like the pop of a champagne cork and we have the perfect balloon sculpture to lift the occasion. Follow our step by step Balloonista instructions to create your very own balloon bottle and start 2019 in style.